No Dudaria

was reminded of this song by a couple (unrelated) tweets from a friend. it was the unofficial official song of my 2008 trip to spain and portugal with my family (it was constantly on the radio and since we don’t understand spanish, it wasn’t until i got home that i learned what it was really all about).

Rosario – No Dudaría (by RosarioVEVO)


Tonight We Fly

since i mentioned some train songs in an earlier post, i thought i’d also share my airplane song, which i discovered via an airbus A340 ad several years back.

The Divine Comedy – Tonight we fly (by teddyduchamp)

Eine Kleine Zugmusik

on my way back from starbucks today, i heard this song from a television show i’m not familiar with on the radio. the composer, john lunn, explained that he drew inspiration from one of the opening scenes (start about 1 minute in) — a train going through the english countryside with a man staring out the window. perfect soundtrack.

for me, the driving (chugging) bass line in the background evokes exactly those memories — trains, countryside, wistful longing for something right there in front of your nose.

it reminded me of another composition, this from a eurostar promotion. very similar themes. (i actually like the eurostar song better; for some reason it makes me tear up.)

i’m going to have to download both of these for my next trip to europe that involves a train ride. i’ll sit next to a window, pop my headphones on, and gaze longingly through that window.


(i’m starting a little late on the BootsnAll 30 Days of Indie Travel blogging project, so i’m kind of picking and choosing which of the 10 existing prompts i want to answer. here goes!)

my first solo trip (i.e,. the one that really cemented my love of travel) was to the czech republic in early 2005. i’d never backpacked before (unless you count two or three horrible years in the boy scouts when i was in early high school), and i had no idea what to expect. after spending three days in prague, i went down to český krumlov for another three. 

my god, those were magical days. 

it was warm for early january, but the old town was absolutely deserted. i would walk around and see absolutely no other tourists. 

i didn’t really have any plans; i was just told it was a beautiful old town with an amazing castle (both true), so i just wandered around town, sitting down on the river bank just staring off into the distance or standing on a bridge listening to the roar of the water below me. up and down the castle, smelling the smoke from the wood-burning stoves and fireplaces. 

the soundtrack for this trip, which i will never forget, was the garden state soundtrack. cliché? i guess so, but perfectly fitting. remember at the end of the movie when they’re standing in the rain, just screaming? there was no screaming in český krumlov, but for the first time in my life, i was doing something i never expected i would do: go out and travel by myself, to a country i knew next to nothing (until i started researching) about. there was this amazing sense of catharsis and inner peace i had never felt before. i was finally breaking new ground, physically and emotionally: just being alone, exploring a centuries-old town.

there really is no way to put into words those indelible memories, even over half a decade and many countries later, but suffice it to say, the garden state soundtrack was perfect. unobtrusive yet (and i’m not ashamed to say), soul-stirring while helping to instill an inner peace. (well, it makes sense to me.)

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