Today’s #frifotos — Colorful

Joy City Mall, Beijing, China

Rainbow Payphone, San Francisco, California

Dyed Yarn, Marrakech, Morocco

Senbazuru (Thousand origami cranes), Kyoto, Japan


Today’s #frifotos — #exotic

i have yet to go anywhere truly considered exotic (and i think the list of possibilities in this ever-shrinking world is likewise shrinking), but:


part of the 30 Days of Indie Travel Project

lord knows i love to eat — i’ve often said that i’ll try anything as long as it’s not insects or overly spicy, although i did eat a wax moth larvae taco at the San Francisco Street Food Festival earlier this year so really i ought to change my position. but the most memorable meal i’ve had was a chicken tajine at a restaurant overlooking djemaa el-fna at sunset. yep, the meat was incredibly juicy, tender, and flavorful, and i’m a sucker for raisins and onions (my favorite vegetable), so it was perfect. *doing that kissing an opening hand gesture*

i even bought a tajine there and tried to recreate the dish at home on several occasions, but alas it’s clearly futile. i suppose that’s ok — all the more reason to go back to morocco and have the real thing again!

something else i’ll remember from that meal was i was invited to join a group of three other tourists (recent college grads) who saw me eating alone and reading a lonely planet (something i’m used to as a solo traveler, so it doesn’t bother me). definitely a good way to begin a night in marrakech!

ack my mouth is watering.

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