Memoirs of a Shisha

i happened to come across a bunch of videos on my computer from when some friends and i went to egypt in 2008 and this is one of my favorites. it was our first night there after a long series of flights (SFO-JFK-FRA-CAI — the latter being my first A300 flight #avgeek) and i’d never smoked a hookah* before. clearly my friend did not have the same trouble as i did! i finally was able to keep some of the smoke in without hacking a lung back up, but i wouldn’t say it was the most pleasant of experiences. that said, i’m all for local traditions, so i had to give it a shot!

*shisha in egypt, the waiter at the hookah shisha lounge was very keen to tell us

random: we took a cab from the airport to our hotel earlier that day and as i recall someone (the bf? it wasn’t me, that’s for sure) opened the door as the car behind us was pulling out, causing a small but significant dent. we were petrified, but luckily the cab driver didn’t want to deal with us so he just grumbled as we walked away. eeep!


Today’s #frifotos – Spring

Bouncing up thanks to a springy rope

The view one April morning from my dorm room in Germany

Spring water and mint tea in Egypt (people say Baraka water isn't good, but I don't remember it being horrible--maybe I was just too thirsty to care)

One of those looped wire things to keep birds off, but broken

Today’s #frifotos — #exotic

i have yet to go anywhere truly considered exotic (and i think the list of possibilities in this ever-shrinking world is likewise shrinking), but: