Today’s #frifotos — Vintage/Old Clocks

Vintage Faux(?)-Disney Alarm Clock

Naples, Italy

Geneva, Switzerland


Today’s #frifotos — Balls around San Francisco

By SBC Park

Stairs and Ball

Water and Balls

And a bonus from SoCal -- Tomorrowland Tower in Disneyland

Today’s #frifotos — Colorful

Joy City Mall, Beijing, China

Rainbow Payphone, San Francisco, California

Dyed Yarn, Marrakech, Morocco

Senbazuru (Thousand origami cranes), Kyoto, Japan

Today’s #frifotos – Spring

Bouncing up thanks to a springy rope

The view one April morning from my dorm room in Germany

Spring water and mint tea in Egypt (people say Baraka water isn't good, but I don't remember it being horrible--maybe I was just too thirsty to care)

One of those looped wire things to keep birds off, but broken

Today’s #frifotos — Green

Greenery around the Great Wall of China

A lost green umbrella in Berlin

Green shutter

A green park in Karlsruhe