Instawalk: Northern Liberties

while waiting for my mom (who was also in town on business) to arrive at the restaurant i picked out for dinner*, i took a little stroll through the area around 2nd Street and Spring Garden in the Northern Liberties. three of my coworkers told me it’s where all the hipsters live (and that it used to be quite the undesirable neighborhood that is undoubtedly undergoing rapid gentrification), so i was a bit wary. i guess, though, that i’d describe the four-block area i was in as yuppie, but in a cozy neighborhood-y way.

* p.s. the tasting menu at koo zee doo is definitely worth the $50 per person. great portuguese comfort food!

In Memory of Our Boys (aka "The Doughboy")

Fairmount and Second


Pedal Thru -- a mural by Paul Santoleri

Neighborhood Grocery



yes, virginia! there is indeed a year-round Rita’s there! i had heard that they existed but who knew i’d stumble upon one? (and yes, i had this right before dinner but i didn’t care. it was soooo good!)


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