Poll: Regular aisle seat or extra legroom middle seat?

long story short, i’m on a flight that doesn’t have any United Economy Plus window or aisle seats left, just one measly  E+ middle or an aisle in the back (E-, aka standard economy) — and upgrade chances on this flight are slim. there have been almost seven years of discussion on flyertalk about it, but i was wondering what you’d pick. would you rather have the extra couple inches of legroom but be stuck between two people, or have the (relative) comfort of an aisle seat at the expense of squished kneecaps and being reclined into? for now i’m going with the regular economy aisle.

for what it’s worth, this is a >5h transcon, i’m about 5’8″, more than likely i will be watching movies on my macbook air (no sleeping), and let’s just say i’ll have to go to the bathroom once (full transparency!).

EDIT: also, yes, i’m constantly checking to see if upgrades are clearing and thus better E+ seats are opening. *crossing fingers*


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