Morning in Philly

last night i got word i had to stay in Philadelphia another week because we’re hiring more people at work and i’ll need to help get them up and running. i was going to go to NYC last weekend like i usually do when i’m here for work and have a free weekend, but i had to get some work done and the weather wasn’t nice, so i went to amish country and shot a gun instead :P. last-minute MegaBus booking and the discovery that Petula Clark is performing tonight and the deal was sealed! i’m on the bus as we speak, a scenester-filled sauna where the wifi doesn’t work and i am forced to tether on my phone.

i did, though, have enough time this morning to sneak down to Reading Terminal Market and try whoopie pies from the famed Flying Monkey Bakery. definitely better, imho, than the one i tried in Bird-in-Hand last weekend.

Reading Terminal Market -- sure beats the Public Market in Emeryville back home

Indecisive at Flying Monkey Bakery

Red Velvet and Maple Pumpkin (Pumpkin Maple?) and a free awesome button for checking in on 4sq!

There is an awesome street artist who's retasking billboards in Center City

Tracks by 30th Street Station, Cira Centre (i prefer to call it Cira Center) in the back

This bus is taking me to NYC



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