1CPY Ambassador


Meet Jonathan Khoo!

He’s a 001 Country Per Year challenge taker and photographer currently living in Fremont, California. Today he’s posting his favorite photos from traveling to 34 countries!

2011 DESTINATIONS: South Africa, Cambodia, Japan

TRAVEL TIPS: My smartphone was indispensable on my trip to Japan. Being a solo traveler who doesn’t speak Japanese, Google Maps (for walking and transit directions, since streets and addresses are not clear), a Tokyo Subway app, Hyperdia (which gives you train schedules), and a Japanese dictionary were lifesavers. These apps are free, although some of them require a data plan. Don’t leave South Africa without trying biltong and melktert! And in Cambodia, pass on that happy pizza or happy shake. Trust me.

TRAVEL GOALSFor a long time I was primarily Eurocentric and have only recently (in the past two years) begun exploring Asia. Top on my list is either Tibet or Bhutan or Nepal, or maybe all three!

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